Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Foam Mustaches

These were made for Shelby as her Valentine's Day gift. "Woah, Woah,...VALENTINES?" Yes, you read that right. My girlfriend has a strange obsession with upper lip facial hair. So, these suited her perfectly. Googly eyes on and object? Clever. Adding a mustache? Genius.

The idea for these came from the Tiffany Kelly Photography site and were designed as a photo booth prop. Well, they served that purpose magnificently as you can see. :D

Foam Mustache Photo Booth Props

Jesse the Catlaw

DJ Hero Turntable

I've been wary of posting this. It's the FIRST ever pattern I've made, but I'm not truly happy with the results. Although, for a first go it's still nothing to scoff at. Once again, this is another present made for the lovely Shelby. I wrapped this in a DJ hero game box to watch her freak out as she unwrapped it. This was later followed by a loving, but slightly disappointed smile when she opened the box. :P Later she unwrapped the actual and it was awesome to see the two side by side. This project may deserve another attempt someday, but a day in the long future.

Side-by-Side: Crochet vs. Real

Crochet DJ Hero Controller

Baby Cardigan

I started this project for a friend's baby shower. 1-2 YEARS later I've finally finished the product! This is the first cardigan I've ever made and I'm happy with the results. Even though now it is to small for the young baby girl, I'm hoping having it modeled on Royal the the Bear for her to have will be enough to keep her happy. The pattern is by Lion Brand. I also LOVE that it can be completed with only ONE skein of Lion Brand's Pound of Love yarn.

Knitted Baby Cardigan on Royal the Bear

Knitted Hand Warmers

These were also originally intended as a Christmas present for Shelby that never got done in time. The pattern was simple and easy. Even though self-striping yarn in usually tacky, I found that it worked well in this instance and was a combination of our two favorite colors: blue and green. The only thing I despise about my work on this project is a couple of ladders. I still haven't been able to rid myself of ladders in my projects. Although I did find an awesome article on TECHknitting to help me achieve success next time. Techknitting is also a great site to check out in your free time and helps to solve a lot of those regularly experienced knitting problems.

Knitted Hand Warmers

Balloon Bunny

I couldn't of been more happy when I found this pattern that combines two things I love: crochet and balloon animals. The pattern can be found here on Lionbrand's site. I do agree with a lot of the comments on Ravelry about it though. People have suggested decreasing stitches to, and increasing after those areas that would later be tied together. The tying was definitely the most frustrating part of this otherwise quick and fun knit.

This project was meant as a Christmas present, last year, for the great miss Dawn, owner of Balloon Inspirations. Once I started the project (which admittedly took a lot longer than I meant it to) I kept waiting until until I finished it to visit again. Once I finally completed the bunny I drove up to see a 'Space for lease' sign hanging in the window of the store. It was empty. I have seen this happen way to often with Kearney's small businesses and it breaks my heart.

On the bright side Dawn's website it still up and running. So, send her a message telling her Andrew sent you, and support Balloon Inspirations.

Purple Knit Bunny & Blue Balloon Bunny

Purl-ple Knitted Bunny :P

Crocheted Hammer & Screwdriver

I made this for my dad's birthday last November and forgot to post it. The pattern is from one of my favorite books. If you follow the blog closely enough you should be able to guess which book that is. Amigurumi Two!? You're correct!!! I love the patterns Ana produces. Turing hard hitting tools into plush couldn't be more fun. Also, I was able to supplement this project with the poetic side of me to.

Crochet Hammer

A Son's Learned Lessons from a Working Man

The Same Old Song & Dance

I seem to always give this speech before another long group of exciting posts. As always I apologize for the inconsistent posting, but I'm still here with an enthusiasm for crafts that will never leave me. I'll continue to work on my posting habits, but until I graduate college finding the time to do so is a chore. I truly believe that the secret to life is balance!
I'm extremely happy that one of the blogs I closely follow, that I had sadly feared was offline after over a year of inactivity, is back online. Geek Central Station has been a favorite of mine ever since a long ago search for 'Star Wars Crochet.' Over the summer I saw the blog featured in the book The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton. Ecstatic I checked the blog again and sure enough it's back in full "force." :P So, never give up on your favorite blogs and I hope ACC is one of your favorites! :)